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New Poster One Fight

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One Fight. Unite. RAGES

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Hi guys we’ve been very, very busy. Please check out our brand new RAGES page. We have teamed up with RAGES endangered species on this exiting project.

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One Fight. Unite. RAGES


Artwork by Anna Rita Centura. http://www.annaritacentura.com

"A broken heart needs a brand new start and you can lead the way. " BESUREIS



Welcome to our RAGES campaign page.

Here you will find all the latest details and updates about this special campaingn and the projects it supports and what BESUREIS' involvement is and how we can all be a part of a positive change.

We will be posting each week a suprise from some our many friends, some new and some old who have supported us for many years with our music and our animal work.

We would like to say a big special thank you to RAGES founder John James Glassford, a member of the Rotary club of Coolamon, Australia and his amazing work and the great charities that he and they support. John James Glassford's work has a special focus on saving endangered species, as well as many other world changing causes which need to be addressed urgently. We will reveal some of those shortly.

We were thrilled and very touched to be asked to be part of this with our "One Fight. Unite" non-profit campaign and our "Unity" track featuring Kellie Blaise, which will be released later this year in aid of raising funds for these global causes and to raise awareness to a new generation.

Rages-duke-goodallDuke - Dr. Jane Goodall

We want to say a special thanks to our patron and UN messanger of peace Dr. Jane Goodall who has supported us with this project from its birth. It is an honour to have her blessed spirit kick start our campaign.

We aim to raise donations and funds for our world in need and the many topics close to all our hearts - the ivory trade, poaching, the enviroment, poverty, and a better balanced eco-system for all, and one that truly works. As well as teaching, rebuilding and inspiring we aim to work with a new generation to understand no matter how great or small, we can all play a possitive part. A voice for the voiceless and most importantly - one unified voice.



                    We are so proud our poster campaign has started its journey.


janegoodallsigningA big big thank you to Dr. Jane Goodall, RAGES endangered species protections patron who is so rightly the first angel to sign the "one fight, unite." poster. There are many parts to this poster campaign, so stay tuned for all the details and updates as it unfolds. The poster will now start it's journey around the world teaching, inspiring and spreading awearness and planting seeds of change. We can all play a positive part by laying our voices together loud and clear.


A big thank you to a man with a big heart and a big voice who can certainly bring it on and bring it to the table. Seal says no and spells it out loud and clear. Great to have you on board Seal, we love you.


One of the most influential people who has spent a life times work to educate the world about the animal kingdom and our planet. We solute you Sir David Attenborough. It is such an honour to have you on our SAY NO campaign. Speechless.


We are so proud of our SAY NO campaign poster that has visited Lucerne Valley, California. This time Wolf Mountain sanctuary.
We have always been huge admirers of Denise Kinsley’s wonderful work with wolves and her educational organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity.
We are so thrilled and honoured to have her on board. What a super trooper you are Denise, a woman who can tell it as it is.
Love and hugs from us all.

We hope you will join us and enjoy all the latest news.
Stay tuned!

Lots of love and hugs,
One Fight. Unite! "Unity"


We want to say a big big thank you to Noel Fitzpatrick - the man who is known as the “Bionic Vet”. We absolutely adore your work and we would say that you are a man of now in time, a man of love and the man who will change the future.

Thank you for all that you do, you are so special Noel.


All our love,




An amazing actress, an inspiring animal activist, a co-founder of Born Free foundation and simply a legend, thank you so much Virginia McKenna for all your wonderful work and for signing our SAY NO poster. We love you xxxx



The achievements of this great lady are just too numerous to list,

for more information please visit http://www.bornfree.org.uk  


Can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have Brian May sign our Say No poster campaign. Brian is not only a genius guitarist but a legend in soul and spirit, a defender and guardian of our British wildlife which is so very rightly needed in today’s world. His work with "Save Me” and the awareness Brian brings to the public on topics of fox hunting, badger culling, buzzards and much more is simply astounding and the call for change for our British voiceless is now. It is very well known what we think about fox hunting and badger culling. And we team BESUREIS say NO.

We absolutely adore you Brian.
Thanks you 
For more information on Brian’s wonderful work please visit: http://www.save-me.org.uk
From polar bears to rhinos, majestic elephants and big cats. Jaw dropping epic documentaries. There are not many that come close to this amazing lady in bringing wildlife conservation to the forefront - Saba Douglas-Hamilton, what a pleasure, it’s great to have you on board signing our SAY NO campaign poster, you’re an inspiration to us all. Shine your light and pave the way, that’s what we here at RAGES say. Thank you for all that you do. Your work is amazing. Lots of love and hugs from us all. 



For more information please visit: http://savetheelephants.org or http://www.elephantwatchportfolio.com





What a great day having lunch with the one and only Kevin Richardson the lion whisperer, what a blast he is. The man who brings the big cats, hyenas and other large carnivores of Africa up close and personal to the screen. Millions of people around the world have fallen in love with his films and documentaries and famous cuddles with his beloved lions. We think you’re fabulous Kevin. For more on Kevin’s work and the journey of his extraordinary life please check the link below: 









There is much written about Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick DBE and for us the following statements attributed to her about elephants sum up the Lady, an angel in our midst, a Dame of the British Empire. “They share with us a strong sense of family and they also share with us a deep sense of death. I know that they grieve and they mourn, just as we do at the loss of a loved one and that they shed tears and suffer depression. They have a sense of compassion that projects beyond their own kind and can extend to other species in distress. They help one another in adversity, miss absent loved ones, and when you know them really well, you can see that they even smile when having fun and are happy.”

And we are smiling, thank you so much Dame Daphne Sheldrick. 

Big hugs from BESUREIS


For Dame Daphne's amazing work please visit: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org









Bob Brown former Senator of the Australian Commonwealth Government and the past leader of the Australia Green Party, a wonderful man, who is seen by many as the honest face of Australian politics.  Bob is an amazing human being and his aim remains resolutely optimistic, yet his philosophy is to be defiant, Bob is gently spoken yet fires equal amounts of passion in his supporters and opponents alike, who in many respects is very conventional but has pursued a radical local, national and international agenda. Bob has never lost sight of where it all began, in the fight to save Tasmania's wilderness areas. 
We welcome Bob to our SAY NO Campaign and we know that all of you Aussies who understand Bob's passion, will realise that he will bring his endless energy for all animals and our wilderness to the table, and for those who do not know him this man walks the talk.  We love you Bob and thanks so much for joining us in this fight to save our endangered species and their environment.
For more information on Bob's work and his foundation please visit: http://www.bobbrown.org.au







ONE FIGHT. UNITE. RAGES is very pleased to welcome on board one man who’s been known as a police officer, a universal soldier, a kick-boxer, a street fighter, a villain and a hero. A man who has won many fights and battles on screen and in real life and definitely can kick any poachers ass back to where they so rightly belong. Our hero has a heart of gold and a huge love for animals, a knight in shining armour with a twist. Be warned, this man means serious action. Thank you so much Jean-Claude Van Damme for signing our SAY NO poster, it’s such an honour to have you.

Love and hugs.









Great to have Eve Conway - the president of Rotary UK and Ireland on board the Say No campaign. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

Very exciting.






RAGES would like to thank wildlife warrior Damien Mander for signing the SAY NO poster at a public talk in Perth Western Australia. Damien who now resides in South Africa served as a Special Operations Sniper and Clearance Diver in the Australian Defence Force.  In 2009 he used his life savings to start the International Anti-poaching Foundation. This organisation is dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife by focusing on ranger training and establishing crack anti-poaching units. The IAPF -has operated in South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and continues to give support by training local units free of charge. The IAPF is funded by fundraising activities and grants. 



For more information on Damiens work please visit: https://www.facebook.com/iapf.org







RAGES wishes to sincerely thank Nicholas Duncan, president of the Save African Rhino Foundation who recently signed the SAY NO poster at a public talk/auction in Perth Western Australia.  The Save African Rhino Foundation was started in July 1989,by Nicholas who has dedicated the last 28 years of his life on a purely 100% voluntary basis towards saving the rhino in Africa. Nicholas works tirelessly by raising funds for this not for profit organisation by hosting annual dinners/auctions fundraising events, Safaris and member donations. One of the leading supporters of rhino conservation in Zimbabwe, the SAVE African Rhino Foundation has donated more than $5.2 million worth of field equipment, supporting the ongoing wildlife war in Africa.


And the biggest thank you to Paula Wiegmink - the creator of the Crying Rhino painting, and without it this campaign would not be possible. 


For more on Nicholas' work visit: http://www.savefoundation.org.au




A revolution in soul, mind, body and spirit. One of the greatest teachers and leaders of our modern day. An icon, a legend, a gift to our world. Vivienne Westwood is the revolution and we stand proud to be on the same page, as her great work extends from her amazing fashion to most importantly saving our beautiful planet with her Climate Revolution and Save The Arctic movements. Come and be a part of it! Please share far and wide. And if you choose to vote - go Green.


For more informantion on Climate Revolution please visit: http://climaterevolution.co.uk






The wonderful Tim Harrison joins the Say No campaign, the subject of the internationally award winning film “The Elephant In The Living Room”, which I’m sure you’ve all seen. Breeding tigers and lions in your back yard as well as keeping dangerous exotic pets is an absolutely big no no in our books, and Tim is a man who knows is all about that. Some face their fate - “a sanctuary”, which for some is actually the canned hunting trade. Tim Harrison is all about making changes and we can’t tell you how much we support him with that. It’s great to have the real deal on board.

Lets stamp it out. 


For more info please join and support: http://www.outreachforanimals.org


Love and hugs,










What a great pleasure to have Shelley and Barbie sign our Say No poster campaign. Certainly soul sisters is a word that I would use with their endless fundraising, campaigning and fighting for the forgotten to be loved and justice in our world. Victory for Animals a non-profit organisation, comprised of a compassionate caring team, dedicated to assist, protect, and defend domestic animals. They exist to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent cruelty to animals through continuous education. They have a rescue and adoption centre in Trenton, Ontario Canada and hope to help as many dogs and cats get away from the harsh dog and cat meat trade. Our wonderful angels work with international adopters in order to find dogs and cats new homes. Canadian animals are always taken care of first and foremost but they love spreading love to all animals. And we couldn’t agree more. It is people like Shelley and Barbie that make this world a greater place. Hands-on action and education has always been the key to make positive changes in this world. 

For more information please visit:  

 www.victoryforanimals.com   OR     https://www.facebook.com/groups/1536683899933713/






Dr William Fowlds is a qualified vet who dedicates his time to championing the plight of the rhino through his veterinary and awareness initiatives, while exposing the desperate reality of poaching attacks to the global media. He has been involved in conservation related activities, wildlife management, eco-tourism and intervention programmes to improve the quality of veterinary care for critically injured rhinos for over a decade. Apart from his South African veterinary network relating to wildlife, he has provided educational and training opportunities for students from vet schools representing all five continents to expose them to conservation issues within Africa. 

We are so excited to have Dr William Fowlds on our Say No poster campaign and have his extensive expertise as our RAGES rhino adviser.






Please welcome - one of the star guests of our campaign.

Helen Patricia Sharman, OBE PhD, is a British chemist who became the first Briton in space and the first woman to visit the Mir space station in 1991. Helen is one of the most remarkable, beautiful, enigmatic woman that we have ever met. And it is our biggest pleasure and honour to have her on this campaign. Please stay tuned for our video channel where Helen is our star guest and her message for One Fight. Unite. On a personal note from BESUREIS - there's one word to describe Helen, and that is - SPECIAL.

Thank you so much for saying no, we simply adore you.






Chris Packham - a television presenter, nature photographer, an author and one of the most amazing naturalists of our time. Mesmerising, gutsy, witty, funny and incredibly stylish. It’s such an honour for us. Growing up watching Chris’ shows and following his work to the present day. There’s nothing that you could not like about this amazing man of the earth who will say it as it is. Wonderful.

Thank you Chris Packham for all that you do. 

We adore you.





Now, do we really need to say this cause this man is just too fabulous for words and one of our absolute favourites. His talents are beyond, need we say more?

Richard E. Grant is an English actor, screenwriter, and director and he SAYS NO loud and clear. 

Thank you so much Richard E. Grant. 

You’re a legend.





Jeremy Paxman is an English broadcaster, journalist and author. He has worked for the BBC since 1972 and is known for his forthright and abrasive interviewing style, particularly when interrogating politicians. 

Jeremy Paxman an utter legend, a fantastic guy, not to be messed with. We are proud to have him Say No for our endangered species.

Extinction is forever.


For more information on a charity Jeremy supports please visit: http://caritasanchorhouse.org.uk




A big thank you David Gilmour for saying NO for our endangered species.






Wow! The very very lovely, talented, genius of a man, Russell Brand says no for our endangered species on our planet. What an honour. A comedian, an actor and most importantly a revolutionary speaker of our time. We absolutely adore Russell and can’t thank him enough for his wonderful words of truth and wisdom which are so rightly needed in the world of today. 

Big hug from us all at One Fight. Unite. RAGES endangered species. 

You’re a real Super Trooper Russell. Thank you.







A huge thanks to Martin “Pottz” Potter, Kelly Slater, Owen Wright for signing our Say No poster. You guys are amazing. What an honour. 


Please check out their incredible day arranged by Brent Cook from Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF) along with the World Surf League (WSL) who spear-headed the involvement of the top athletes competing on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour with CRF and the foundation’s efforts in rhino conservation.





Photo credit: @wsl and @kirstinscholtz


And a big thank you to: Dr. William Fowlds




Chipembere Rhino Foundation for their involvement







Jeremy Irons says no. A legend in our books. A total honour to have him on our campaign. A man with a big heart and a big voice. From “Save Ireland’s Forests”, “Climate Revolution”, abolishing the death penalty with “Amnesty International” to his work with “Greenpeace - Save The Arctic”, and his epic narration for the amazing films “Seeds Of Freedom” and "Trashed", which we adore, the list is endless. His input in changing the world for a better place is outstanding, especially the plastic and pollution issues of our oceans and world. We can’t praise it enough. One would say we have fallen in love. An incredible man. Thank you Jeremy Irons

For more information on other causes Jeremy Irons supports please visit: 









Ricky Gervais says no for our endangered species. One of the funniest men alive in our books but there’s nothing funny about losing our precious wild life and having our planet trashed, so having Ricky Gervais say no is awesome. An actor, a comedian, a director, a writer and most importantly a strong, loud voice for the so many needed changes in our world today especially our animals and environment, and the inspiration he gives to a new generation is immense. 

Thank you Ricky






It is fabulous to have the very talented Anna Rita Centura on our Say No campaign. A visionary artist that leaves one’s soul shaken to the core. Her works include spiritual tapestries of sunsets depicting our endangered wildlife and so much more. With a clear vision of the future of a world that needs to be healed. Her epic silent story telling in Garden Of Delights (G.O.D) featuring Kevin Richardson is one not to be missed and pretty much sums it up. A true soul of salvation who has done so much for charity and certainly leads the way not only with her art but as a great spiritual teacher. It’s great to have like-minded revolutionaries on board. 

Thank you so much Anna Rita Centura 

Love and hugs

Duke and Rubin


For more information on Anna’s amazing work please visit: http://www.annaritacentura.com






·         John and Ange Lemon are an Australian couple working to save the endangered Painted Dogs of Africa. They are also known as African Wild Dogs/Cape Hunting Dogs; however the use of Painted Dogs is more widespread as the former names infer that they are domestic dogs gone wild-whereas in fact they are not related to dogs at all! They have been a separate genus for over 10 million years, and cannot interbreed with any other species on earth-so when the remaining 5000 are gone, they are gone forever.

·         John has been in Zoo industry for over 25 years where his passion grew for the PD, and Ange is also a Zoologist with a passion for Africa and her wildlife. In fact they met at the Australasian Primate Society Conference in 1992!

·         Their first trip to Zimbabwe to work with Painted Dog Conservation in 2000 was a life changing experience; after subsequent field trips, John resigned from his well-paying job to move to Zimbabwe for two years, for no pay, to build the biggest rehabilitation centre for the Painted Dogs.

·         In 2003 they set up their non-profit organisation “Painted Dog Conservation Inc” in Australia (John is Chairman and Ange is Vice-Chairman) initially they were supporting the work of the Zimbabwean project; however this quickly grew and now encompasses a second project in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia, and also work with other carnivores and local communities. John is now also Chairman of the Zambian Carnivore Programme. Their organisation is also endorsed by Sir Richard Branson through Virgin Unite.

·         Through their fundraising events and projects, they have raised almost $1 Million Australian dollars in the last 12 years-just in their spare time!  The funds raised have provided field vehicles –cars and motorbikes, radio collars, anti-poaching teams, flight time to locate packs, employment of education officers, development of education materials and programs, enabling of local domestic dog vaccination programs, provision of veterinary supplies and vehicle spares…….and the list goes on.

·         They recently partnered with Kevin Richardson in the fight against Canned Hunting, and hosted him in Australia in June 2015 to over 600 people at three events in one week-raising over $100,000 for their field projects and Kevin’s campaign.


For more information on the amazing work The Painted Dog Conservation is doing please visit:








Soi Dog Co-founder and President John Dalley  is delighted to have Gary Baxter one of the charity’s UK board of Directors, represent and sign the ‘Say No’ poster. He is pictured here on the right with Izzy Van de Ven and Zat Lewis (far right). Izzy and Zat work tirelessly to promote the charity and are responsible for Soi Dog merchandise globally. They have so far brought back 54 adopted dogs from Soi Dog to the UK.

Millions of dogs every year are trafficked and brutally killed for the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand, Vietnam and neighbouring countries. Many of them are stolen pets. Dogs are often skinned, boiled alive, and even tortured because of the belief that pain produces adrenalin which improves the flavour of the meat. This multi-million dollar trade is run by criminals who deal in pain and misery. Soi Dog raises awareness of the cruel industry and works with Thailand’s law enforcement agencies to arrest smugglers and rescue dogs.

Soi Dog is committed to ending this horrific industry. The costs involved to ending the Dog Meat Trade including feeding and caring for the dogs rescued from smugglers are tremendous and we can only do it with your help.


Soi Dog Foundation is excited to support the One Fight Unite team and the Rages Say No to endangered species campaign.



For more information on Soi Dog's work please visit:  http://www.soidog.org/en/dogmeat/





The One Fight. Unite team are thrilled to have Dave Matthews sign our Say No campaign poster. Dave Matthews with his Dave Matthews band are pretty legendary in everything they do. South African-born American singer-songwriter and a winner of two grammy awards is a personal favourite of ours, especially “Song That Jane Likes” and “You and Me”, and fantastic track he wrote for The Matrix Reloaded film - “When The World Ends”. The rest of his work is history. 

We’d also like to say thank you to all the support that he’s given throughout the years to our patron Dr. Jane Goodall with his benefit gigs and support. 

A wonderful earth brother.

Thank you Dave Matthews.






Professor Noam Chomsky is undoubtedly one of the most important intellectuals of our time. Besides his groundbreaking contributions to modern linguistics, he has dedicated his life to actively promoting the values of freedom, justice and equality. Noam’s work is truly encouraging and he is a great inspiration to so many people all over the world.

Thank you so much Professor Chomsky, it’s a real honour to have you on our Say No campaign.







Big thank you to Natalie Bennett - a former leader of the Green Party of England and Wales - for caring so much about our endangered species, our world’s climate issues and our whole planet. We at One Fight Unite understand only too well how important it is to maintain the balance of our ecosystem, and how everything lies hand in hand. RESPECT.







Dereck and Beverly Joubert are award-winning filmmakers from Botswana who have been Explorers-in-Residence for over four years. Their mission is the conservation and understanding of the large predators and key African wildlife species that determine the course of all conservation in Africa.

They have been filming, researching, and exploring in Africa for over 25 years. Their coverage of unique predator behaviour has resulted in 22 films, 10 books, six scientific papers, and many articles for National Geographic magazine. This body of work has resulted in five Emmys, a Peabody, the World Ecology Award, and the recent induction into the American Academy of Achievement. With their stunning cinematographic storytelling they bring the very essence of our beautiful nature to life. 

Thank you Dereck and Beverly.


For more information on Dereck's and Beverly's work please visit: http://www.rhinoswithoutborders.com






From the epic film 300, Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds and the famous mutant blockbuster X-Men to the historical drama 12 Years a Slave, Shame, Steve Jobs, and the amazing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, where he played the malicious android David, are just a few legendary films to mention in Michael Fassbender’s repertoire. 

His many wins and nominations are a pure example of his true artistic talent. And now the One Fight. Unite team says a big thank you to Michael for being a real earth spirit and for supporting the endangered species. 

You’re a true gentleman. 

For more information on a charity Michael supports please visit: http://www.moas.eu









Christine Macsween FCMA

Chris founded LionAid in 2009 and invited Dr Pieter Kat to join her to help build the charity into the global force it is today. A Chartered Management Accountant by profession, she brings her business skills to the charity to complement Pieter's conservation expertise. 

Chris is an integral and highly respected figure within lion conservation, whose diligent lobbying has resulted in ongoing, proactive, political, discussions addressing the plight of the species.

For the last six years, Chris has been applauded as an engaging and educated public speaker, who has held court in large conservation events in the United Kingdom, the EU and beyond. 

Together with Pieter, they make a formidable team, engaging with Governments in the UK, Europe, Africa and worldwide to bring an end to the catastrophic declines in lion populations.

Dr Pieter Kat
Dr Pieter Kat is an internationally acknowledged expert on lions and is regularly consulted by African governments on lion conservation issues.
After twelve years in Botswana where he was invited by the Botswana Government to make recommendations for their lion conservation policy, he is now focused, together with Christine Macsween, on a diversity of activities through LionAid to assist the conservation of lions such as working with decision makers in the UK, EU and African lion range states to ensure better protection of remaining lions, seeking sustainable means of reducing lion/livestock conflict, encouraging further research on diseases threatening lions and calling for lion population surveys. 
Pieter continues to play an important role in scientific research and has authored more than 70 scientific papers to date. He regularly works with media (Radio, television and newspapers) sharing his deep knowledge of Lions.


For more information on the work Christine and Dr Pieter do please visit: www.lionaid.org





Sir Peter Thomas Blake, CBE, RDI, RA is an English pop artist, best known for co-creating the sleeve design for the Beatles' album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

During the late 1950s, Blake became one of the best known British pop artists. His paintings from this time included imagery from advertisements, music hall entertainment, and wrestlers, often including collaged elements. Blake was included in group exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and had his first solo exhibition in 1960. In the 'Young Contemporaries' exhibition of 1961 in which he exhibited alongside David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj, he was first identified with the emerging British Pop Art movement. Blake won the (1961) John Moores junior award for Self Portrait with Badges. He came to wider public attention when, along with Pauline Boty, Derek Boshier and Peter Phillips, he featured in Ken Russell's Monitor film on pop art, Pop Goes the Easel, broadcast on BBC television in 1962. From 1963 Blake was represented by Robert Fraser placing him at the centre of swinging London and brought him into contact with leading figures of popular culture.

It’s so amazing to have Sir Peter Blake join the Say No campaign for the protection of endangered species. 

What a lovely man.







Biggest thanks to the Black Mambas. Almost all-female anti-poaching unit and the wonderful work that they do. We are thrilled to have them on board of the Say No campaign. A special thank you to Colleen, Felicia and Collin. 

When you hear the words anti-poaching unit, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Poachers... Guns... Snares... War... Rhino Horn... Ivory? The Black Mambas is much more than just an anti-poaching unit. Whilst our main objective is the security of the reserve and the protection of wildlife, we also strive to create a strong bond and educate the communities that live on the boundaries of Balule and the Greater Kruger Park to the benefits of saving their natural heritage. It is our belief that the ‘war’ on poaching will not be won with guns and bullets, but through social upliftment and the education of local communities surrounding the reserves. 

The success of this 3-tiered strategy has seen the following benefits:
1. Constant visual policing on all servitude roads and boundaries.
2. Low level of internal corruption.
3. High success rate with counter-insurgency measures (off-reserve).
4. Strong support from neighbouring rhino owners adjacent to the Greater Kruger. 


For more information on the amazing work Black Mambas do please visit and support: 



Photography by: Abby Ann Tochterman







Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran signs our Say No poster for the awareness of our endangered species. It’s great to have him on board. Simply a legend. Thank you Simon for your support.








Simon Jones, it’s great to have you on board. Please keep up your amazing work. 

Duke, Rubin, Paula and Nirvana

One Fight. Unite



“Rhinos have roamed our planet for millions of years, but without protection they could become extinct within the next 10 years!

We cannot be the generation that allows the rhino to become extinct. If we act now, if everyone committed to “do one thing” every week to help protect rhinos, just imagine the result.

With your help, I believe we can leave a legacy to be proud of.”


-Simon Jones, Founder and Chairman of Helping Rhinos


For more information of Simon's work he does please visit: www.helpingrhinos.org






It is so great to have the Fun Loving’ Criminals on our Say No campaign. They are not just amazing musicians but they also have lots of heart for wildlife and our endangered species. Thank you so much Huey, Fast and Frank for saying no to extinction, it’s a great honour to have you support our cause.











One Fight Unite want to thank David Pocock most sincerely for signing the ‘SAY No’ poster. David signed the poster shortly after the match recently played in Perth Western Australia showing his support for the campaign even though he had just sustained an injury.

David Pocock, a rugby player extraordinaire grew up in a farming area in Zimbabwe. Due to political unrest in this country his family moved to Brisbane, Australia to start a new life in 2002. 

David captained the Australian U20s at the Junior World Championship in 2008 and later that year made his Wallaby debut against New Zealand in Hong Kong. In 2010 he was awarded the John Eales Medal. In 2011 he played in the Rugby World Cup.

In 2012 he captained the Wallabies in Wales after which he suffered a succession of knee injuries. He made the move to the ACT Brumbies in 2013 after seven seasons with the Western Force. Since then he has played a handful of games for the Brumbies. 

2015 he was acknowledged with the Brett Robinson Brumbies Player of the Year, Best Forward and Fans Choice awards. He was selected for the Wallabies and played a role in Australia's Rugby World Cup campaign. David won the peer-voted Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) Medal of Excellence and RUPA Fans Choice Award.

Outside of rugby David is the co-founder of ‘EightyTwenty Visiona not-for-profit organisation which has the aim of helping the less fortunate people of Zimbabwe.

In 2012 he was named as Western Australia’s ‘Young Australian of the Year'.

David joined the Leard Blockade in November 2014 after years of involvement in campaigns for action on climate change and the damage to the environment from human activities. He was arrested for taking part in a nonviolent protest after chaining himself to a super digger in Maules Creek Coal Mine in New South Wales. 

David is a huge advocate of same sex couples and has visibly taken a stand against homophobia in Australia. 

David is currently studying a Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems and is interested in the food system and how it affects our health, lives and the environment. 

2015, David who is a Patron of the ‘Save African Rhino Foundation’ spent a week a with them in Zimbabwe meeting the people who run their amazing anti-poaching operations.

 'True Grit’ a 2-part documentary about David’s life on and off the field was recently aired on ABC Australian Story television series.

The campaign would also like to take this opportunity to thank Nicholas Duncan from the ‘Save African Rhino Foundation’ for facilitating the signing of the poster and Matt Hobson who took the photo. 


Duke, Rubin and Paula Wiegmink

One Fight. Unite



Anneka Svenska is a naturalist, broadcaster and film maker. Anneka founded ‘Green World Television‘ in 2014 in order to intertwine her film making abilities with her animal conservation work, her passion being to help animal charities who struggle with film making and to be one of the fore runners in reporting on wildlife crime. She now produces strong films & campaigns, some created to give animal and environmental charities a much needed voice in the world of television. 

Anneka has filmed in South Africa alongside the incredible Black Mamba anti-poaching unit, worked one on one with wild wolves, filmed for The Badger Trust, Born Free, LionAid, The Dog’s Trust, The Mayhew Animal Home, Wetnose Animal Aid, Helping Rhinos, VegfestUK and Wildlife Trusts. She has also rescued over 300 dogs from the meat industry in Thailand and from Cyprus and Romania.

As well as being a conservationist, Anneka is a staunch vegan and believes that the future sustainability of the planet lies in compassion to animals and all living beings.






Rumer is an amazing singer-songwriter with an effortless silky voice that compliments not just her soulful story telling but also her big heart, and her passion doesn’t just end with music, it extends far into the natural world and the animal kingdom. And this time Rumer has come on board of the Say No campaign to make a stand for our endangered species and the planet.

Thank you Rumer for being such an amazing earth spirit. 


One Fight. Unite







James Cosmo is a Scottish actor known for his appearances in films such as Braveheart, Highlander, Trainspotting, Troy and many more. He is a man of honour, will and a strong voice not just in film but in everyday life and especially for our lions and our endangered species. 


Thank you James for say no to extinction. Thank you for being such an inspiration. 


We salute you. 


One Fight. Unite



A British singer-songwriter Joss Stone, who is known for her deep and powerful vocals, soulful renditions and barefoot performances, rose to fame at the age of 16 with her multi-platinum debut album The Soul Sessions, winning a Grammy and having other nominations. But Joss isn’t just an entertainer, she is also a huge animal lover, being an advocate for the rights of exotic animals. Now joining forces with the Say No campaign to stamp out the extinction of our endangered species, Joss is a great inspiration to us and so to many people around the world.


Thank you Joss, you are a true star. 


One Fight. Unite








From King Kong, Peter Pan, I Am Legend to Hunger Games, Batman and many more, too numerous to mention. There was a lot to talk about, especially one scene - Central Park in King Kong and our endangered species. We are delighted to welcome onto our Say No awareness campaign one of the greatest film score composers of our time, a man who moves the soul - James Newton Howard.

Thank you very much for saying no to extinction.




Conservationist John Rendall lives on the World’s End Estate where 40 years ago he raised the lion cub Christian which he had bought at Harrods.
Christian was subsequently rehabilitated by George Adamson of Born Free' fame and footage of a reunion with John became a YouTube hit, with over 100.000 viewers.
John is a Trustee of the George Adamson Trust, founded in 1989 when George was murdered. Today the Trust administers the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania where George’s former assistant Tony Fitzjohn oversees 
the endangered breeding programmes of Black Rhino and Wild Dog and supports local schools surrounding the Park..
John is also a Patron of LionAid who effectively campaign to stop countries permitting the import of wildlife trophies.
When not escorting friends on safari to Kenya or India John is committee member of the World’s End Estate Resident’s Association. The Estate was built in the early 70’s, designed by Eric Lyons, and although criticised as ‘brutalist’ at the time is now recognised as an iconic example of Social Housing.
John is also a Trustee of the Chelsea Theatre on the WEE and a Panel Member of Big Local…. a 10 year grant of £100,000 a year, to be used on local community projects.
For many years has been lecturing at schools and institutions, including the Royal Geographical Society, publicising the threat to wildlife and the Environment.




We are so pleased to welcome on board of our Say No campaign a legend, a genius and simply a beautiful woman, best known for her roles as Princess and the General Leia from Star Wars and most importantly for her love for animals. 

Thank you Carrie Fisher, we salute you and will always love you.Our world is heart broken, you will be missed.

Carrie Fisher our number one princess was to be our Xmas guest on the Say No campaign and that we will honour. We had no idea that it would be put up in these circumstances. A tribute to a great lady a hero, a genius, an activist and a beautiful angel. We are devastated. Rest in peace.



We’ve come a long way with our Say No campaign to raise awareness for the endangered species and for the protection of our beautiful planet, with so many great people from all walks of life stepping forward to help with this global movement and to promote balanced living with all creatures of this world. 
This time it’s the amazing Owen Wilson who has joined us to support our wild life and inspire the youth of today to be hand on and care for all life on our planet earth. 
Thank you Owen, you’re a true star. 


Wolfgang Buttress is an award-winning artist working with public space. He creates simple, elegant and contextual public artworks, which seek to define and highlight our relationship to the natural world and most importantly - bees. The Hive created by Wolfgang Buttress consists of 32 horizontal stacked layers of hexagonal geometry creating an abstracted analogue of a honeycomb. A rotational twist in the aluminium structure introduces movement, suggestive of a swarm. The form is a 14m cube raised-up on columns, appearing almost to hover, a spherical void hollowed from the centre, allows visitors to enter. Walking beneath the sculpture, visitors may peer up through the glass floor into the interior.

We are so thrilled to have Wolfgang Buttress on our campaign, as importance of bees if the highest on our agenda. We would recommend very highly to visit one of his installations, especially The Hive at Kew Gardens. 

One Fight. Unite



Need we say much about the amazing legend of a man Willem DaFoe is. Thank you for signing our Say No poster.

You rock our world.



One Fight. Unite are delighted to welcome the amazing Nicky Stevens onto our Say No Campaign. Nicky is the Founder and CEO of IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals), a UK registered charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals in need. Their first project, established in 2009, is based in Sabah, Borneo, where they have a facility and team providing a lifeline to thousands of dogs and cats every year in need of veterinary care and support. Their companion animal projects have since developed in other Countries, including Romania, Penang, Philippines and the UK. Their passion for animals has also seen them help other species, including Elephants, Rhinos and Lions. 

For more information about IAPWA please visit www.facebook.com/iapwa or www.iapwa.org.  


What a pleasure to have Simon Amstell sign our Say No poster. Thank you so much Simon for being a strong voice for our animals and the environment. You are a real trooper.


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Mizpah - Fan Made Video

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Heres the FULL fan made video of into the Mizpah .. by wendy brooks . thank you so much WENDY we love it .. big hugs from us all ..... Duke, Caroline, Rubin, Alex, Nick, &  Saro.... xxx besureis

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Human Overload

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It's great to be starting a brand new project "Human Overload". Here are a few of the pics, we hope you like them. Stay tuned.

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Through the Looking Glass

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Our latest track "Through the Looking Glass" is taken from the soundtrack to the soon to be released film documentary "Animals : A Parallel History" directed by Stevan Zivkov Andricin.

The film aims to encourage governments into educating school children about animals history.

Please support this important project and spread the word.

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