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Hi guys we’ve been very, very busy. Please check out our brand new RAGES page. We have teamed up with RAGES endangered species on this exiting project.

We are thrilled to kick off the campaign on January 20th. Here you will find all the latest details and updates about this special campaingn and the projects it supports and what BESUREIS' involvement is and how we can all be a part of a positive change.
We will be posting each week a suprise from some our many friends, some new and some old who have supported us for many years with our music and our animal work.
We would like to say a big special thank you to RAGES founder John James Glassford, a member of the Rotary club and his amazing work and the great charities that he and they support. John James Glassford's work has a special focus on saving endangered species, as well as many other world changing causes which need to be addressed urgently. We will reveal some of those shortly.
We were thrilled and very touched to be asked to be part of this with our "One Fight. Unite" campaign and our "Unity" track featuring Kellie Blaise, which will be released later this year in aid of raising funds for these global causes and to raise awareness to a new generation.
We want to say special thanks to our patron Dr. Jane Goodall who has supported us with this project and it is an honour to have her blessed spirit kick start our campaign.
We aim to raise donations and funds for the many in need and topics close to all our hearts - the ivory trade and poaching, as well as children in need.
Details to be revealed.
We hope you will join us and enjoy all the latest news.
Stay tuned!

Lots of love and hugs,

One Fight. Unite! "Unity"

Thank for sharing!
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