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Dreaming Besureis  
Say No Besureis  
Gone Tomorrow Besureis  
Groovy Besureis  
Blind Besureis  
Strawberry Besureis  
Homeland Besureis  
Rebirth Besureis  
Domino Besureis  
Mimic Besureis  
Freedom Besureis  
Colours Change Besureis  
America Besureis  
Mr. No One Besureis  
Screen Dream Besureis  

Music Videos

What a Front Besureis  
Crime of Life Besureis  
Not Today Besureis  
Mistletoe 2013 Besureis  
Dreaming Besureis  
Gone Tomorrow Besureis  
Strawberry Besureis  
America - Acoustic Besureis  
Mr. No One Besureis  
Unity Besureis  


Sample of Groovy from "Strawberry" Album

Written by Duke Ingram

Additional writing by Duncan McDowall

We want to thank the fantastic Jamie W G Ashman who has been working on our album artwork for the single "Groovy" out later this year. Fantastic - we're very excited.

Latest News

May 2, 2016 Besureis Preparing For Summer

Besureis is very excited to announce that we have many great events lined up for this summer. We so look forward to them. Also, stay tuned for our new album Human Overload. 

New Poster - One Fight

New Poster One Fight

One Fight. Unite. RAGES

Hi guys we’ve been very, very busy. Please check out our brand new <

Human Overload

It's great to be starting a brand new project "Human Overload". Here a

Animals : A Parallel History

BESUREIS are thrilled to have been approached to write the title track

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